Sunday, July 10, 2011

We got our chickens!!!

We are now the proud owner of 3 "easter eggers". We are so excited! They will lay blue & green eggs. That is if they're not roosters! They are too young to tell if they are hens or roosters. My luck they will all be roosters.
We put them in a storage tubs for the first night & they started jumping up on the sides so on the way home from church today Travis picked up a little cage.

Meet Daisy, Tulip, & Iris

Here's McKaylee holding Daisy.

Here's McKenzie holding Tulip.

It's amazing because they each have their own little personality. Annalee's is wild (of course!). McKenzie's is laid back and loves to be held & McKaylee's is in the middle (just like her).

Here's Travis putting the cage together. They will hopefully stay outside tonight. We'll see how that goes since we have a raccoon that's been coming around. He rigged up a way to hang it up so hopefully they'll be safe. 

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